A day to celebrate “Us” ……Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day! What does this day mean to you? I watched a commercial about Valentines Day the other day and it said that the day should be a celebration of the love you share with someone not just another  “I love you day”. I loved that sentiment… A day to celebrate “Us” “Our relationship”.

Have you  thought about how you will celebrate your Valentines Day? I always have these  over the top ideas in my head for the special day. I want to do dinner, flowers and poems, songs and all the mushy stuff.

I also give my grown kids some kind of Valentine just to let them know I love and appreciate them. Its usually some kind of candy and a card or something like that. I especially loved getting thing from the kids when they were young it was always so innocent and loving.

I love to see the show of affection on this special day between couples. I personally love holding hands and laying my head on his shoulder. Yes my special man …. I love things like that.

Try something new if you have not done Valentines Day up. Try something different something out of the box.


About jettybird

"I Choose to be Happy!" Mother, Lover, Friend, Fellow Human Being I've learned that Happiness is something that comes and goes. It's something that changes with Mood and Time and Circumstance. Making a choice to feel happy is not always easy or even something that can be achieved in some situations. I want to be at peace I want happiness.. I have also figured out if relationships (in particular with your spouse, partner, friend, fiancee, husband, lover or whateve you call them is not in a "peaceful place", it can affect yur whole world, well- being, mood and mental state. Obviously the emotional state is usually the first thing that you feel, then everything else comes down, when things are bad. When things are good, all those things feel good. I've learned to smile, cope and act happy when that is the furthest from how I really felt and these letters poems and thoughts will be what I've and other women have wanted to say and express but have not found the right forum for it. This is another way to look at it,,, something for men to read and listen to, explore, and for women to relate or feel or just see.... How ever you choose to use it it is up to you. Express
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